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From the raw essentiality of the island’s inland areas fup to the meeting with the clear marine coastal atmospheres, the colors emphasize the link of origin with the Sardinian territory, which fascinates, involves and excites.

Colorepuro Emerald Coast ceramics


specially designed for those who love the harmonious beauty of ceramic glazes.

It is a rainbow of items which add an incomparable color palette to design.

Trafori Emerald Coast ceramics

I trafori

A collection made of fullness and emptiness, color drawings and games of shadow.

Exclusive ceramic furnishings inspired by Mediterranean atmospheres and culture.

sculture Emerald Coast ceramics


Creativity and matter embrace in a collection of unique ceramic Sculture. Nature shows us the world of animals, elegant and original.

tradizione Emerald Coast ceramics


The concretization of the skills of ancient craftsmen, is the refined series of items with a modern style which represents Sardinia through its most iconic images.



in this paradise of North East Sardinia, rapidly becoming a myth for cultured, exclusive and elitist tourism.

The culture, history, lifestyle of the Mediterranean basin have always been expressed through a ceramic language combining many and different artisanal techniques which, over time, have contaminated each other.

The ceramic technique has enabled to create surfaces with incomparable colors and structures, the characteristic decorations of different cultures have contributed to the formation of the esthetics of one of the richest regions in terms of history, culture, language and style.

Emerald Coast ceramics

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