Interior Color

Colors, lights and energy

The brightness of colors highlighted by the sinuosity of forms: this is the Interior Color collection, in which lines and pigments complement each other in a mosaic of lights and energy.

Be they furnishings or simple decor pieces, this line by Atelier Cerasarda will transform your house in a real kaleidoscope. Color tone scales, radiant and sparkling colors, enhance all spaces. Color tone scales, radiant and sparkling colors, enhance all spaces. All the rooms of the house convey an elegant luxury, guaranteed by the high quality of Atelier Cerasarda decor items, which can match any decor. Interior Color is especially designed for those who love the harmonious beauty of ceramic glazes. It is a rainbow of items which add an incomparable color palette to design. A whirlwind of shapes and colors: the interior decor items of the Interior Color collection are available in 24 different colors and in several sizes.


Multifunctional design blocks.

Different shapes, complementary and colored, which bring good mood in every room. Each item has much more than a specific function, it also tells extraordinary stories of beauty, draws textures and combines Italian design and passion in every space it fills.

Colors, decorations, reflections… The meeting seems fortuitous, but then, finally, it makes sense. MATTER fills in, paints and harmonizes space. Each item is unique, made with traditional processing techniques, which are passed on from one generation to the next or which are acquired out of passion. They may be imperfect, but imperfection is their added value.

matter and color

which contain all the magic of the land of Sardinia.

From traditional ceramics to the latest design trends, Atelier Cerasarda offers an exclusive series of items, original pieces born from the meeting of artistic creativity and ancient artisanal techniques, in line with contemporary style.

Shapes becomes style, color turns into light. Each element lives on geometric elegance. Design, color and matter which hold all magic of the land of Sardinia and the history of an ancient handicrafts tradition. An interplay of light and dark as marks of style. A style which is captivating and never banal.

Ceramic glazes express the intense energy of the sun and the overwhelming vitality of Mediterranean nature. Handprinted decor items, which are based on tradition and, blending with contemporary design, define a new style for the areas and spaces which fill our present living.









C. Cerato

Corten C.








B. Avio



Light blue OT

Green Water

English green