OT07026 Multicolor

paint sketches

Horizons to the traditions of the past.

The protagonists of the OT07026 Multicolor collection are magnificent handmade design items; the splatters of paint are applied manually by our master craftsmen, ensuring that each piece is different from the others, thereby unique. An exclusive collection, which follows the hands and inspiration of the artist-artisan who, in that precise moment, customizes and operates with the color splatters, opening new horizons for the traditions of the past.

It is a collection for those wanting to break out of set patterns, for those who appreciate the natural and joyful beauty of ceramic glazes, love colors and their ability to make each object unique.


cactus sculpture

Abstract design and colors.

This splendid ceramic cactus-shaped sculpture will make itself noticed stylishly in total white decors thanks to the polychrome glazed surface, whose abstract drawing and masterly use of colors celebrate the artistic talent of the painter Salvador Dalì.

Expert ceramics craftsmen produce the roundish silhouette, carefully reproducing the characteristic veins and spikes which are typical of this charming cactus.


cactus and lamps




Mustard 1

Prune 2

Green 3

purple 4

Pink 5

Blue 6