Stylized nature

The sea, at the heart of Mediterranean culture, is interpreted through the stylization of a coral branch.

Engravings, graffiti handmade with an entirely artisanal technique and ever new decorations whose drawings are the stylization of natural elements interpreted by famous artists. These are the factors which determine the enduring success of Atelier Cerasarda, the Emerald Coast’s ceramics.

All Atelier Cerasarda’s production is the expression of Mediterranean tradition, of the art culture and meticulous study of Sardinian artistic craftsmanship.



Perfection for your table.

Inspired by the charm of the underwater world, these items are a perfect solution for laying the table in coastal homes. Profiles of red glazed corals are arranged in a circular pattern, obtained using the traditional “graffiti” technique, which stands out on the white smooth base giving a fresh and bright touch of color. Blue and turquoise coral options are also available.

The emotion of the sea

Modernity and tradition.

Celebrating the sea and its hidden jewels, these items combine traditional methods with modern esthetics. The terracotta curves are scratched by master ceramists with the addition of brightly colored glazes, following the ancient “graffiti” technique, creating stylized coral branches and bringing the emotion of the sea to the table: red, turquoise or blue corals.


Red R

Turquoise T

Blue B