Piatti da collezione

Artistic fantasy

The sea and its coasts. A world lived through the creative fantasy of inspired artists and dreamers, like adolescent adventurers who come across the unique magic of new colored shapes.

The sea sailed by festive sailing ships, resulting from the genius and imagination of Mario De Biasi, great master of the sea, ships and colors.

And then the fish, which festively parade, yellow, green, blue, red, large and small, each the outcome of the curiosity and observation of the artists which have created them. A priceless gift for those who love observing Nature.

Finally, near the coast, the fish meet shells, exchanging colorations and joining them in an underwater rainbow which is light and harmony for observers.

All this while being watched by the lapwings, small but regal, primitive custodians of the Sardinian civilization and destined to offer to the sky the colors and soul of the Sardinian land and sea.

This is what has inspired Atelier Cerasarda and its unique, exclusive and incomparable collection of plates.



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