The origins of a myth


and history

It was a radiant summer of forty years ago, one of those unique summers which only Sardinia can offer. t the time when the Emerald Coast was beginning to unveil its beauty,
CERASARDA began to organize its production: its kilns fired the tiles and ceramic items which would, over the years, make it loved locally and by buyers throughout Italy. In order to guarantee the originality and tradition of his product, Prince Karim Aga Khan called on the best master craftsmen, former apprentices at Picasso’s Ceramics Studio in Vallarius. The latter, correctly interpreting the Prince’s expectations, have been able to transfer Sardinia’s visual symbols in Cerasarda products. These symbols and shapes were still pure, untouched by cultural superimpositions, totally bound to their origins. Moreover, they have enriched them, coating them with Mediterranean colors, always relying on the inspiration derived from the territory and tradition, the real soul of the Cerasarda company, never yielding to the influence of fashion and contemporaneity. Cerasarda has succeeded in penetrating in the heart of the national market due to its shining colors, its inventive shapes recalling Sardinian-Mediterranean culture which animate its artifacts. The architects and buyers have greatly appreciated such characteristics and have chosen Cesasarda products for furnishing the most prestigious villas and hotels. Today, more than ever, the company wishes to give continuity to the past, introducing new shapes and contaminations, offering new design horizons and creating the new “Atelier Cerasarda” brand.

ceramica atelier cerasarda_le origini


In the artistic studio one can breathe the scent of clay, together with passion and professionalism, in a place where every creation and product of tradition originate. All the ceramic masterpieces are characterized by a mixture of detail and color, decorated by floral patterns and symbolic figures pervaded by Sardinia’s culture and tradition. An avant-garde artistic product, drawing inspiration from ancient processing methods, which has resumed and reinterpreted the models of the past, giving them that touch of innovation which makes it everlasting.


Considerable craftsmanship and plenty of imagination are required to shape this poor yet noble material, as well as a piece of equipment which requires great experience, due to the high technical skills which are needed to use it: the potter’s wheel. Hands move sinuously, skilfully, so as to create unique and strikingly shaped pieces. Once it is modeled, embossed decoration is added to the item and it is stored in a dry place where it can dry. The next step consists in painting, followed by firing. In the past wood fired kilns were used, whereas nowadays the preferred option is to fire clay in electric or gas fired kilns. The item is thereby ready for the final decoration, which is carried out with colored materials and crystal powder, in order to make its surface glossy and impeccable. A last firing, paying special attention to fire and temperature, completes what will later become a decorative item, capable of conveying, through its charm and mysteriousness, the pride of the ceramist, of its creations and inspirations.



atelier cerasarda ceramica e passione

It is extremely fascinating to discover and explore the incomparable atmosphere of artisanal tradition in the unique and original creations of real Sardinian production. Meticulous engraving, typical shapes and colors of Mediterranean culture and an incomparable craftsmanship of the artists-artisans, who transform beauty into a ceramic item: these are the salient features of the Atelier Cerasarda Collections. Cerasarda carries out attentively and carefully all the processing steps. Indeed, the entire production process follows strict rules and well-tested procedures which, starting from an original design, carefully and meticulously fine-tune the final successful outcome of the precious item. The most important steps are the exclusively manual scratching and decoration processes, which are the distinctive moments of the creation. Prior to each delivery a thorough final check is carried out, one piece at a time, so as to guarantee that every article contains all Cerasarda’s quality.


the ceramic of the Costa Smeralda

Cerasarda is not just objects, on the contrary. The charm of the brand comes to life, in a completely artisanal and hand-made way, from its famous collections of tiles and wall coverings: Mediterraneo Style is the project by Cerasarda that personalizes and makes interiors and hotels unique with cultured and refined glazed ceramics. , and its ecologically sustainable and irreplaceable nature for the most sought-after environments.