Macchia Mediterranea

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Macchia Mediterranea “LIGHTS and FLOWERS is an original project by Letizia Piani, who arrived in the world of design after a long journey in fashion and furniture.

It is a collection of items entirely handmade by Cerasarda, a brand known as “the ceramics of the Emerald Coast”. The collection consists in three series of items, with Sardinian inspired shapes, just like the nine nuances in which they develop draw from the colors of the plants and flowers of the island and in general of the Mediterranean scrub after which the collection is indeed named.

The spontaneous, simple irregular shapeswith cuts and openings, enable to contain not only flowers, but also lights and candles to bring color and light to your home, creating different compositions depending on spaces and seasons.

the three series

The three series draw inspiration from three characteristics of Sardinia:

The first series of items with sinuous contours, inspired by the Emerald Coast’s stones, with their roundness and dents caused by time, wave and wind erosion.

The second series is more linear, like the architecture of the most typical villages of the island, with the houses aligned on the small romantic ports of Carloforte and of La Maddalena, with a thousand windows open to the sun of Sardinia.

The third series, gigantic and majestic, with its vases up to one meter in height, wants to recall the rocky mountains of inland Sardinia called “tacchi” (heels) due to their height.

colors and shapes

Architectural and guidelines of the Mediterranean style.

The common denominator for all three series are the bright colors of the glazes, applied with a special dipping technique to create different drippings and nuances for each vase, making each piece unique and tailored.




Strawberry tree

Black poplar

Cork oak

Thorny broom



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